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Open till Oct. 8th 2023

Nature is trying its hardest to coexist with the human landscape. Using recycled fabrics, Jacob Reptile creates plants living between worlds. These ecosystems are the shore line, water surfaces and the overlooked. His work is made entirely from discarded materials Jacob has collected through donations from his community. The viewer should already have bonds with the familiar fabrics and it to reflect our own footprint and most of our desires to recycle but society lacking true avenues for recycling.


 In this immersive installation you will find the ditch as nature’s oasis in the human landscape. Growing up in the south Jacob has always been fascinated with the ecosystems behind dumpsters, the ditch, canal and waterways littered with decaying human debris which makeup the gulf south.

Dive into the water lilies to enter the Ditch

Through the tire

more images to come

Here you see cypress knees, tadpoles in the lilies and water hyacinth

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